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Ceriffi Check® is software that involves people in process and opertions development regardless of location or device. The software facilitates and automates data collection, task tracking, analysis and reporting. With Ceriffi Check®, you manage and improve operations with real-time information about operations and processes. Learn how to leverage software: knowledge management, operating systems implementation, Lean and Six Sigma projects, responsibility osoittamisessa ja seurannassa. Ceriffi Check® on lähes 300 yrityksen ja organisaation ratkaisu toiminnan kehittämiseen. Ohjelmiston on kehittänyt Ceriffi Oy.

Software Features:

  • Unlimited number of free mobile users, no restrictions on data collection
  • You only pay for the user needed to process and analyze the data that the company’s management needs
  • The system can be implemented with the brand and logo of your company, so it supports your brand as a high-quality, transparent and operational company for both staff and customers.
  • Tiedon kerääminen voidaan toteuttaa laitteesta riippumatta
  • Reaaliaikainen tilannetieto kaikilla aina saatavilla
  • A continuesly iproving system involving thousands of users
  • Katso lisää ominaisuuksia täältä.


Quality and efficiency of operations with boundless data collection

Ceriffi Check® is mobile software for data collection, analysis and communication of results. The software is used for continuous monitoring, quality control and reporting of the company's operations, for example through the management of safety observations, deviations and feedback. Ceriffi Check® enables, for example, the smooth implementation of checklists and task management on a mobile device, automatic reporting, efficient data processing and communication of results.

Ceriffi Check® supports information management. Correcting any deviation or preventing an accident at work pays for itself many times over. Incidents can be communicated quickly and easily with a mobile app or browser. As a responsible person you can edit incidents to monitor and measure, track the progress of tasks and their reporting, and process observations.

QaaSoft® technology enables customization

Ceriffi Check® is easy to start use in any organization, regardless of industry. It is Powered by flexible, customizable QaaSoft® technology that enables company-specific processes, tracking and terms, as well as white label solutions when needed.

Features and benefits:

  • Agile deployment for even a large number of users
  • Fast incident recording, recording only takes a moment, you can also attach pictures and videos
  • Customized, easy-to-implement checklists and hands-on metrics
  • Real-time data for monitoring, responding and development
  • The application can also be used without a network, for example in warehouses and construction sites where the mobile network does not work well
  • Efficient collection of data from operations for development needs, for example in Lean projects, measuring actual working time or lead time
  • Extensive possibilities for processing observations and monitoring the implementation of tasks
  • Possibility to extend the processing of the observation and the follow-up of the measures beyond the company's borders, eg to subcontractors
  • Easy reporting and communication of results: clear and comprehensive reports, data transfer to Excel and PDF
All features are immediately available
All the features of Ceriffi Check® are available in every price range. The mobile app can be installed for every employee and the necessary devices at no extra cost. The price of the application is affected by the size of the company and the number of users in the management view. Payments for small businesses start at € 60 per month for the whole company.
Ceriffi Check
Deployment of Ceriffi Check®

Ceriffi Check® -apps implementation involves the following steps:

  • Fill in the contact form (1 min)
  • Netmeeting to map needs (30 min)
  • Offer within 24 hours
  • System configuration and setup (1-7 hours)
  • Persollen training and implementation (1-3 hours per user group)
  • Data utilization, analysis, improvement and communication of results

Download Ceriffi Check® -app:

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