Ceriffi Check® is software that helps you get people involved in your business, no matter where you are or whatever your device. Now an additional feature of the service is also notification channel.


The Whistleblower Directive, set by the European Union, makes it mandatory for companies employing more than 250 people to report suspected misconduct. The aim of the directive is to prevent fraud and corruption, to improve the protection of an informant and to develop a responsible corporate culture. The Government's proposal on the protection of whistleblowers and related laws was issued in a round of statements from 2 July to 27 August 2021. The government's proposal is scheduled to be submitted to Parliament in February 2022. The proposed law would oblige private and public sector organizations employing more than 50 employees, as well as government agencies, to establish an internal reporting channel. The law would include reuirmenents for notification channels and procedures.

The Directive requires companies to implement a whistleblowing channel that protects the whistleblower and meets EU minimum standards.

It is the responsibility of companies to establish internal policies and processes in line with the Directive that address issues such as how and where to report, who handles notifications, how matters are investigated, what follow-up action is taken and how they are communicated.

Our solution with Whistleblower -directive

Ceriffi Check® and Whistleblower requirements

  • With the Ceriffi Check® application, compliance with the requirements of the directive is easily achieved both as a notification channel and for the processing of notifications. At Ceriffi Check, the information remains intact, transparent and the process for processing findings is efficient. Whistleblower findings can also be used to quickly involve external stakeholders as needed.
  • The recording of the observations can be made from various platforms such as the company's website, other programs, whatsapp, e-mail or any other electronic platform for which notification is desired.
  • Transparent control and documentation of whistleblower observations and the measures caused by them.
  • Whistleblower findings are met when whistleblower findings are recorded and processed through Ceriffi Check.